For Investors

You see the Opportunity. Every industry is experiencing major change from innovative applications of new technologies and new business models. In retail (Amazon), transportation (Uber), and travel & hospitality (Airbnb), these players once needed growth capital. Angel investors and venture capitalists found and invested in these new ventures during their infancy.

“I wish I had invested in that platform business before it grew, scaled and began dominating its industry.” — everyday investors who missed out

You want More Access. You see these changes as opportunities for your financial future. You know that there are new and better ways to build wealth. You want more access to investment opportunities previously only available to the wealthiest angel investors and venture capitalists.


TokenFunder is here. Based on new technologies that make it radically more efficient to own a micro-share of a venture, TokenFunder has built a new digital investing and rewards platform that connects Issuers (i.e. businesses) who believe in giving their fans and customers an opportunity to share in their early stage growth, with Investors.


Join Us. We’re working with innovators to bring you new investing opportunities and an easy to invest online. Join TokenFunder today and start on the path to a more rewarding investing experience.

Why Invest

For Issuers

You’re making Change.  You’re an innovative business on a mission to make the world better. You need the capital and you can know this is not just about the capital.


You know there are better, more inclusive ways to fund your growth. You need a regulator-grade and efficient solution. You want to reward your best customers, true fans and advocates with ownership as you grow.


Issuers like you need a new kind of fundraising solution. A platform made for rewarding your customers; giving them opportunities to build wealth as you grow.


TokenFunder is here. Regulator-approved, efficient and ready to help you grow today.


Why TokenFunder