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TokenFunder is a new kind of digital micro-investing and micro-rewards platform.

Startups and Scaleups should be accessible to Everyone. Have you looked at the startups and scaleups profiled in your tech news and wished you could were allowed to participate in the early rounds with venture capitalists and angel investors?  Investing in high potential private companies was previously available to only the wealthiest 1%. Now everyone can invest in high potential companies at an early stage.

Customers should be owners.  We all have that new business we support and love. Maybe it’s their mission and the impact they’re making in the world that resonates with you.   You’re loyal and continue to buy there. You’re helping them grow but wish you could be participate in the upside. We believe that the best customers should be rewarded with ownership.

Mature growth private businesses might be right for you. The startup scene might be too risky for you and that’s ok.  You might be interested in owning a share of a mature private business with a lower risk profile but has good growth potential. Solidly performing businesses with a competitive edge in their market.  Real estate investments, for example, offer less volatility with a return. 

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