For Issuers

TokenFunder is for Innovators. Bold Risk-Takers. Game-Changers.


We Know This:

→ Your company is on an important mission to make the world better.

→ You need capital. You know there are better, more inclusive ways to fund your growth.

→ You want to reward your best customers, true fans and advocates with ownership.

TokenFunder is a new kind of regulatory-compliant capital raising and investing platform that gives everyone an opportunity to invest in your mission.

We can help you reward your customers with opportunities to build wealth as you grow.

Open your business to everyone. You know that there’s a new generation of investors looking to support your mission.  TokenFunder can help you give them access.

Reward your best customers. It’s now possible to reward your true fans, your loyal customers with ownership, just like you’re rewarding your best employees.  TokenFunder’s next generation investing technology now makes it possible to let your customers participate in your growth.

Manage your risk.  You’re in this for the long term and need your offering to be regulatory-compliant.  TokenFunder is Canada’s first and only approved security token issuance platform.

TokenFunder is for issuers like you.  Apply today.