How do we Select Companies?

We strive to offer investors the best investment experience and opportunities. Our internal team carefully curates investment opportunities.  Our due diligence process includes external business growth experts from a range of fields, including entrepreneurs, technologists, legal and financial advisors.

1. Initial Screening

Our initial screening process looks for the positive signs of future growth potential. We initially look at the basics:

  • Mission. What is the driving force for the venture? Does the venture make the world better?
  • Market Opportunity.  Does the venture solve a clear problem in the market and is the target market opportunity large enough? Are the market assumptions clear?
  • Product/Market Fit. Does a product or service show traction with customers?
  • Team.Why will this management team succeed? Does the team have the skills, experience, track record, dedication, and ability to execute on the plan to capture the opportunity?
  • Technology. Is the technology unique enough to provide a sustainable advantage? Can the technology scale to meet the market opportunity?
  • Financial Model. Is there a sustainable financial model?
  • Risks. What are the risks that could impact the future of the business?

2. Due Diligence

Due diligence is a more rigorous review of the venture and the overall investment opportunity. At this stage, the company defines its proposed offering and an Investment Committee of external advisors provides an objective assessment of the opportunity.

The Investment Committee may recommend that the company requires further research or product development.

3. Campaign Decision

Assuming the Investment Committee supports believes the offering is compelling, we make a decision about the timing and roadmap for the campaign.