The TokenFunder Advantage

TokenFunder’s leading innovative Smart Token Asset Management Platform (STAMP)┬áis specifically designed to help Issuers design, sell and distribute digital securities, also known as security tokens to investors in a low cost,┬áregulatory-complaint manner previously not possible.

The breakthrough platform design makes capital raising on TokenFunder very low cost today during your campaign and tomorrow when you need to interact with your investors.


The Regulatory-Compliant Leader

  1. As part of the OSC LaunchPad, we’ve worked with Canada’s securities regulators to create a new approach to give everyone online access to investing in startups, scaleups and more.
  2. Regulatory compliance means investor protections are built-in.


A Unified Investor Experience

  1. With an all-in-one investment and rewards platform, TokenFunder clients experience a seamless journey from signup to investment.
  2. An online investor KYC identity verification and suitability assessment makes it easy to give more investors access to your investment offerings.
  3. An integrated dashboard interface gives investors a one-stop view of all digital assets issued on the platform.


“Direct-to-Investor” Securities and Rewards Distribution.

  1. TokenFunder uses public blockchain infrastructure to distribute digital securities directly to investors at a fraction of the cost of traditional platforms. This dramatically reduces the cost for Issuers during the primary campaign.
  2. TokenFunder has designed the platform to help Issuers distribute financial dividends right within the platform.
  3. The platform is also designed to make it easy for Issuers to distribute non-financial in-platform digital asset rewards.

Efficient, Liquid Trading Marketplace

  1. TokenFunder’s digital security tokens are designed to be transferable, wallet-to-wallet, using a blockchain rather than intermediaries.
  2. Investor-to-investor trading marketplace planned for the future*.
  3. Digital asset trading on the platform will be efficient and borderless*.

* Pending regulatory approvals.