TokenFunder is featured in CPA Ontario’s new White Paper: Navigating the Brave New World of Cryptocurrency and ICOs


Toronto-based TokenFunder worked with the OSC to become the first Ontario-based company to launch a token sale approved by securities regulators. TokenFunder’s aim was to build a “smart token asset management platform” through which other companies could sell tokens of their own as regulated securities, with principles of accountability, governance, and investor protection built into the offering process. Knowing that investor protection is a key priority for securities regulators, TokenFunder designed a “Know-Your-Customer” (KYC) blockchain investment standard for both identity verification and investor suitability. TokenFunder then embedded KYC compliance within their platform, to enable future clients issuing tokens through the platform to be compliant with securities regulation.


Discussing his motivations for pursuing regulatory approval CEO Alan Wunsche, a CPA himself, said: “I wanted to do the right thing, do it the right way, in Canada, and get regulatory exemptions where they made sense. Where the regulatory environment needs to change for the country to be competitive, we’re pushing for change.”