What are the Benefits of Digital Shares (Tokens)?

TokenFunder's driving mission - Investing for Everyone - is to make innovative investment opportunities in the for the Exempt Market accessible and available to the "Everyday Investor", not just wealthy investors, and create a regulatory-compliant secondary...

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Security Tokens, Not Cryptocurrency.

Security tokens are a new and innovative digital asset - but it's important to appreciate that they are not cryptocurrency. TokenFunder is a regulatory-compliant security token issuance and platform and its purpose is to issue exempt market securities, as defined by...

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Capitalism 3.0 – The “Tokenism” Release

What’s New in Capitalism 3.0: 1. Tokenization: Tokenization is the digitization of any physical or digital asset into a cryptographic smart contract (a native blockchain program) referred to as a “token” or cryptoasset. Tokens can be programmed to behave as equity,...

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FNDR Token Distribution

FNDR Token Distribution to Investors Our token sale closed on April 30 and we're excited that TokenFunder's FNDR token distribution is underway. While our platform is under development, our investors will be able to see their tokens on the public Ethereum blockchain. ...

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CEO Letter : 5 Days Left in Token Launch

We're in this to change the world of finance. We know software is eating the world. Blockchain tokens are transforming global capital markets -- including venture capital funding for startups. 2017 saw an explosion of companies who sold tokens to raise capital for...

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