What are the Benefits of Digital Shares (Tokens)?

TokenFunder's driving mission - Investing for Everyone - is to make innovative investment opportunities in the for the Exempt Market accessible and available to the "Everyday Investor", not just wealthy investors, and create a regulatory-compliant secondary...

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Security Tokens, Not Cryptocurrency.

Security tokens are a new and innovative digital asset - but it's important to appreciate that they are not cryptocurrency. TokenFunder is a regulatory-compliant security token issuance and platform and its purpose is to issue exempt market securities, as defined by...

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Capitalism 3.0 – The “Tokenism” Release

What’s New in Capitalism 3.0: 1. Tokenization: Tokenization is the digitization of any physical or digital asset into a cryptographic smart contract (a native blockchain program) referred to as a “token” or cryptoasset. Tokens can be programmed to behave as equity,...

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