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In this educational video Alan Wunsche (CEO, TokenFunder), Roger Allinson (CEO Nest Capital), and Chris Allinson (COO Nest Capital) discuss the latest macro trends and cutting-edge innovations that are transforming the real estate market.

Real estate backed securities are being tokenized by TokenFunder on its fully digital investing and trading platform that gives everyone access to higher yielding investments.

TokenFunder is the only regulatory-compliant digital securities platform approved to build a blockchain-based, secondary trading market for securities issued on the platform. The private market is difficult for everyone to access. TokenFunder has developed an advanced trading platform that any private market issuer can leverage.

TokenFunder’s groundbreaking regulatory leadership bridges the disruptive potential of digital asset trading to asset back securities such as real estate.

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Real estate industry issuers and EMD’s wishing to learn more, raise capital, and add a secondary trading market to their properties are invited to contact info@tokenfunder.com

Note: This is an educational webinar, and does not provide individual investment advice. If you wish to invest, please go to TokenFunder.com to create your investment account.