TokenFunder, an innovative new Canadian regulatory-compliant security token platform for private companies to raise capital with micro-ownership investing opportunities to everyone, is pleased to announce it is joining the Creative Destruction Lab’s 2019-2020 cohort to accelerate its blockchain-based tokenization model.

Also importantly today, the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) announced its participation in the Libra Association – read more.

CEO Alan Wunsche says, “We’re delighted that TokenFunder is joining the innovation ecosystem in the Creative Destruction Lab, a Canadian-based global leader helping startups launch new business models by leveraging new technologies such as blockchain and AI. Our recent acceptance into CDL will enable us to accelerate our roadmap for companies and investors. Our roadmap begins with helping private companies raise capital from any investor (retail and accredited) through our new platform. We believe that micro-ownership is the path to democratized access, wealth-creation and freedom — so private companies can now use our regulatory-compliant exempt market platform to invite their best customers to become micro-owners through digital shares. Now, with CDL’s founding membership in the Libra Association today, we will further explore innovative new cryptocurrency developments, such as stable coins, for the TokenFunder-powered tokenization model. With digital KYC, micro-portfolio management, secondary micro-trading and more planned, we’re excited to be working with CDL leadership, advisors and investors to accelerate the realization of TokenFunder’s vision.”

About TokenFunder

TokenFunder is a new security token marketplace platform helping private companies raise capital through micro-ownership – where customers and fans can be owners. TokenFunder was the first blockchain-based company to work with Canadian securities regulators to issue Canada’s first regulatory-compliant security token on a public blockchain. It also recently established Canada’s first regulatory-compliant blockchain-powered Exempt Market Dealer to bring wealth-building micro-ownership in private ventures to everyone. TokenFunder’s digital KYC processes are specifically designed for efficient onboarding and micro-investing.