May 4, 2018 – Toronto, Ontario – Token Funder Inc. (“TokenFunder”) announces the launch of FNDR tokens, Canada’s first regulated security token on the Ethereum public blockchain. TokenFunder is a pioneer in the new world of digital finance, and leads the way on decentralization of tokenized assets, also known as cryptoassets.

On April 30, 2018, TokenFunder closed its regulated initial token offering (” the ITO”) of FNDR tokens which represent a dividend-like share of TokenFunder’s future profits.

TokenFunder CEO Alan Wunsche discussed the launch of the FNDR security token:

 “I’m excited that TokenFunder has deployed Canada’s first regulated security token on the Ethereum public blockchain. This is an important milestone for TokenFunder and for the transformation of global capital markets. With the FNDR token, investors around the world were offered a share of TokenFunder’s future platform profits. The token sale was democratic and investors purchased FNDR tokens as little as $100, with one consistent price and no ‘whale’ discounts. Having worked closely with securities regulators, we pride ourselves on providing enhanced disclosures to investors in our Offering Memorandum.”

TokenFunder surpassed its minimum investment level of $500K with the enthusiastic support of investors, many of them from TokenFunder’s deep Canadian network. Investor comments included:

“I am an investor and supporter of TokenFunder because I see an unprecedented opportunity for security tokens to revolutionise investing for the general public and create new funding opportunities for startups.”

Wunsche envisions a decentralized future:

“Just as the internet is a publicly available utility for the exchange of information, the public Ethereum blockchain is a globally decentralized value exchange utility. The creation and distribution of tokens on a public blockchain means that our FNDR Token Holders have immediate custody of this new digital asset on a decentralized public blockchain. What we’ve launched this week is the next phase of opening up global capital markets to startups. We envision a global capital markets ecosystem that is both decentralized and safe for investors. We are on the cusp of tokenizing and accelerating the growth of great businesses.”

Investors who purchased FNDR tokens will be able to view their holdings on the Ethereum public blockchain, a next-generation programmable blockchain maintained by thousands of distributed computers throughout the world. TokenFunder created a corporate treasury of FNDR tokens and distributed them — via the blockchain — to its investors blockchain wallets. The FNDR token on the blockchain acts as the token registry, maintain a list of its owners wallets.

Demonstrating how a decentralized public blockchain maintains the token registry, TokenFunder explains at how FNDR Token Holders can view their token holdings through independent third party Ethereum blockchain interfaces. Investors can also view their token balances in ERC-20 compatible wallets.

TokenFunder previously received regulatory approval in the form of exemptive relief from certain Canadian securities law requirements required to complete an initial token offering (the “ITO”) of its FNDR Tokens (as securities for purposes of Canadian securities laws). TokenFunder launched its ITO on November 1, 2017.

TokenFunder Co-Founder Laura Pratt said “A unique feature of our FNDR token is that it lets investors share in the future success of the platform. TokenFunder has innovative KYC and AML compliance safeguards, which investors don’t receive with unregulated ICOs. After the completion of our ITO, our vision is to enable other companies to launch ITO’s using our platform. It is a myth that regulation is in the way… it’s the right way.”

TokenFunder Roadmap

In addition to achieving its next phase of regulatory approvals for security token launches, TokenFunder’s roadmap includes building a global network of companies and advisors. Companies can apply to join TokenFunder’s initial portfolio at and Advisors can join the Advisor program at

About TokenFunder

TokenFunder is an innovative token issuance and governance platform powered by decentralized blockchain technologies that enables investors and businesses to enter the new world of digital finance. TokenFunder offers token launch advisory services and is designed to operate within applicable securities laws and de-risk offerings and purchases of coins for both issuers and purchasers by providing, among other things, a regulatory approved platform and related support.

For more information, contact: Alan Wunsche, CEO & Chief Token Officer.