TokenFunder is excited to be leading the way to the future of private markets, by making private equity shares and debt issuances completely digital.


Equity or Debt?  We have a new kind of digital asset platform for you.

TokenFunder specializes in digital assets called security tokens – these are digital versions of real world financial security assets such as shares, bonds or trust units, born by our advanced technology on a public blockchain.

But you don’t have to be a technology company – we take care of the end-to-end process of onboarding your investors, processing investments and generating the security tokens.

We were the first company to work with Canadian regulators to establish Canada’s security token exempt market dealer.


Digital shares result in cost savings for Issuers.

We eliminate traditional paperwork dramatically reduce the cost of issuing digital shares.



Need a cap-table?

Our digital asset platform makes cap-tables easy… ready in real-time.  Ask us how.


Digital shares are programmable.

Our pioneering blockchain technology team has designed fully regulatory-compliant digital shares that can be programmed with rights, including voting or profit distributions. We’re moving the private capital markets industry fast forward with leading edge technology.

If you’ve tried old-fashioned funding sites, you know that this wasn’t possible with traditional shares – not even the kind that generate PDFs.


Mobile-friendly digital asset accounts (aka “wallets”).  Built right into the platform.

Your investors will love our mobile-friendly view so they can see their investments anywhere.

They’ll love the new digital asset accounts they get right in the platform. Again, we handle the advanced tech and get it out of the way for a great user experience.  Try it out yourself by signing up for an investment account at



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