Private Equity for Everyone. Digital. Tradable.

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Raise Capital from Everyone.

Give everyone the opportunity to invest in your business.

Ownership for Everyone.

An investment platform made for the digital generation.

Create Fractional Investment Units

Realize the benefits of open fractional ownership.
Canada’s first regulator-approved end-to-end security token issuance platform for digital investing in private companies.

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Ownership for Everyone.

Micro-ownership is now possible for customers and true fans. 


Investment portfolio. Rewards.


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An easy to use private equity investing platform.

Discover & Learn

  • Build your investor profile.
  • Find investment opportunities online.
  • Learn about the business.

Invest & Impact

  • Match investments to your financial and impact objectives.
  • Buy shares in private companies raising capital.

Manage & Trade

  • Follow your private company share portfolio on your investor dashboard.
  • Get business updates delivered to you.
  • Trade your shares

Fund your Business with Customers and Community.

Make your customers and true fans your next investors.

Let your best customers share in your growth!

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Helping you grow at every stage.


  • Raise seed capital
  • Increase awareness


  • Fund hypergrowth
  • Reward early customers with ownership

Mature Growth

  • Fund expansion projects
  • Reward customers with ownership

Private Markets Reimagined.

The blockchain-powered future is here and we’ve reimagined investing in private markets. We’re experts in tokenization and finance. 

Everyone can be an investor. TokenFunder is uniquely permitted to distribute private exempt market digital shares (security tokens) to retail investors alongside wealthy accredited investors. We believe everyone should have access.

Future-proof. TokenFunder’s regulatory-compliant Smart Token Asset Management Platform gets your business ready for the future.

Your capital campaign is only the start of our relationship. You may start with a capital raise. We’ll then help you grow your customer base, and reward your true fans. TokenFunder’s investor management services will also help you keep all your investors in the know.

Liquidity. We use the latest blockchain technologies to issue digital securities (security tokens) designed for secondary trading liquidity.

TokenFunder Advantage

Canada’s Digital Security Exempt Market Dealer. TokenFunder has completed an important regulatory milestone of establishing TokenGX as Canada’s first registered Exempt Market Dealer with approval to issue digital securities using the TokenFunder security token issuance and investing platform.



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